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Advantages of plastics recycling

Topack stands out for its concern for the environment, proven is a dedicated department to recycling.
In general, the advantage of recycling is double, because, on the one hand, it reduces the final volume of waste and, on the other hand, the recovery of waste and its use ensures efficiency on raw materials and energy.
The recycling of plastic allows the following:

- Saving of non-renewable raw materials, such as oil
- Saving energy consumption on the production of plastic materials
- Transforming short life products (packaging) into long life products.



Did you know that many objects used daily, such as vases, hangers and clothing, are made from recycled plastic?
In the production of plastic packaging, only 1% of the total oil consumed is used, and the materials and energy can be recovered after its use?
There are studies that indicate that if plastics were abolished as a packaging material, the volume of household waste would increase by 150%, the weight of packaging would increase by 300% and the energy consumed by the packaging industry would double?
Due to its reduced weight, the use of plastic in cars reduces fuel consumption by 4%?
For each 100 tons of recycled plastic do they avoid the extraction of 1 ton of oil?
Did you know that each person, on average, produces 1.3 kg of waste per day?


The origin of the word plastic comes from the Greek "plastikós", which means suitable for moulding.
Plastics are materials formed by the union of large molecular chains called polymers, which in turn are formed by smaller molecules called monomers. Plastic is produced through a chemical process known as polymerization, the chemical union of monomers that forms polymers. The polymers can be natural or synthetic. They are natural polymers, among others, cotton, wood, hair, ox horn, latex. These polymers are common in plants and animals.

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