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Topack Group


Topack Industria de Plasticos is a group of companies that is dedicated to plastic conversion, exclusively in Portuguese-speaking markets.
The group's first plastics industry was founded in Mozambique in 1995 – Topack Moçambique Industria de Plasticos SARL.

The group also owns two industrial units in Angola (Topack Angola - Industria de Plásticos, Lda and Topack Embalagens-Plástico e Metal, Lda.) and is also involved in joint ventures in Latin America and Europe. These companies, always focused on the formal market, where transparency is the watchword, had in their genesis two major objectives to be achieved: creating added value and replacing imports in the developing economies in which they operate.

The group operates in four distinct areas: Injection moulding - Film extrusion - Blow moulding - PET
Injection moulding
Beverage crates, Paint buckets, Pallets, Garden Furniture and other household products
Film extrusion
Film for industry, stretch and shrink film, Film for agriculture.
Blow moulding
Bottles and Flasks (water, juices, milk, oils), Drums (water, lubes, oil)
Preforms for water, oils and beverages
The investments made in our main area of activity, supplies for the beverage industry (crates, closures and shrink films), have also made us the leading company in the markets where we operate.
We have beverage crate moulds, for these markets, from the German-Dutch Schoeller Alibert and British-Belgium DS Smith/DW Reusables  which allows us to offer all kinds of solutions for our customers with European technology.
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